a) Can I order the Qurbani from anywhere in the world?
Yes, you can order from anywhere. And it is quite easy.

b) What is the minimum limit which I can order?
The minimum limit is 1 goat or 3 parts of cow or Bull (one cow o r bull is 7 parts). The order does not have to be in multiples of 3 parts, you can order 4 or 5 parts of Cow. Also you can order a combination like 1 goat and 2 parts of cow.

c) Why is the minimum limit necessary?
The limit is necessary to match the expenses of delivery to your doorstep or your designated address in Karachi.

d) How will be the meat delivered?
The meat will be delivered in Chilled form, cut into small pieces as done domestically during the Eid-ul-Adha.

e) Can I change my order?
Yes, order can be changed uptill 10 days before eidul Adha (uptill 10th Nov 2010).

f) Can I change the address of delivery of meat?
Yes, the address can be changed one week before the Eid-ul-Adha. Any changes less than one week before Eidul Adha will not be possible.

g) Can I donate the meat?
Yes the meat can be donated to some welfare organization within Karachi upon your instructions.

h) When will be the animal slaughtered and when will be the meat delivered?
The animals will be slaughtered within the three days of eid. (According to the sighting of moon as declared by ruet-e-hilal committee, government of Pakistan). The meat will also be delivered within the 3 days of Eid.

i) What if the there is nobody available to receive the meat at my given address?
We will be able to make only one delivery attempt. If there is nobody available, we will leave a card with our address within Karachi from where meat will have to be collected by the recipient.

j) What if nobody comes to collect the meat?
We will wait until 5th day of Eid. If nobody comes to collect, we will donate it to any welfare organization or distribute among the poor and inform you about it by e-mail.

k) What would you do with the skin and offal’s?
The skin and Offal’s (and the income thereof) shall be distributed among the deserving people and institutes. (The receipt thereof can be emailed to you upon request).

l) Can Credit Card is used to sacrifice an animal?
Credit card can be used for Purchase of Qurbani Animal but as Interest is Haram in Islam, the payment to the Credit Card Company should be made before the due date.

m) Do you have the option for Sadqa/Aqiqa?
This Facility will be available after Eidul Adha. You can visit our website after Eid for more details .

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